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Carlie Eliminates Plantar Warts with Oils

Carlie was 9 when she got her first wart (oh the horror for a 9 year old!). They started on her knee, but soon they began popping up on her fingers and elbows and eventually even spread to her siblings. Her mother took her to the dermatologist, where they performed the standard treatment of Cryotherapy, using liquid nitrogen to “freeze” off the warts. This was not successful. After two weeks, Carlie’s mom, Rachel, brought her back to the dermatologist to treat the area again using the same method. This time, the wart went away at first. Shortly after, however, little baby warts came popping up in its place! They were multiplying! Ahhh! Not cool, warts!

Carlie’s mom took matters into her own hands and searched the internet for natural ways to treat plantar warts. She found that many people had success with applying apple cider vinegar to the infected area and then rubbing it with a pumice stone. She did this and saw no improvement. Rachel admits that finding time to do this technique with a hesitant 9 year old and 3 other children was very difficult, leading to inconsistency. This may be why it didn't work, she says.

Rachel wanted to try another method. She had seen firsthand, the effects of oregano oil on acne and other skin ailments so decided to try it on Carlie’s warts. She applied it to the infected area for two weeks straight, at least once per day. After two weeks, the warts began shrinking and shrinking and shrinking AND finally disappeared. Carlie no longer has to hide her warts from her friends, as they have yet to return months later. Carlie and her siblings are living it up as wart free children these days!

**Rachel insists that the oregano oil must be applied directly to the wart, and not the skin around it. Oregano oil can and WLL burn skin. Be very careful and seek guidance when using this product.

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