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HOUSEHOLD EVERYTHING! So we buy a lot of seventh generation products... dishwashing detergent, diapers, laundry goods, all of it. Clean, plant-based solutions. 

COFFEE! Coffee is Rob's one true love. Not just any coffee will do. Rob prefers BULLETPROOF COFFEE, lab tested to meet the highest of standards and minimize mold exposure. 



WINE! Another gift from above. Its difficult to find high quality, organic, no added sulfites wine at a decent price. Enter: Our Daily Red. Our favorite is the Cab, which you can pick up at Whole Foods. Not to worry, they carry whites too. 

SUPPLEMENTS! Supplements can be quite pricey if you are trying to maintain a budget for your family. I get most of mine from Swanson. They are very affordable and if you get the powdered version of what you're looking for, theres generally very few added ingredients. There may  be higher quality supplements out there but for the average consumer, these are glorious. 

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