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Jerry Fights off Skins Cancer with Essential Oils

Last week, we introduced you to Jerry, who lost 54 lbs and reversed Type II diabetes after 18 years. Well if that wasn't enough, Jerry also healed himself of skin cancer by using this wife’s essential oils!

Jerry developed a non aggressive form of skin cancer on his ears and hands. After a visit to the dermatologist, it was decided that he would need a minor surgery to cut out the spots or at minimum, freeze them off. Jerry was hesitant.

Jerry’s wife was into essential oils (no, she’s not a millennial)… ya know, the ones everyone knocks for being weird, new-age snake oils (GUILTY!). Most of us know an oiler: “You’ve got a cold? There’s an oil for that!” “Oh! Insomnia? Rub this oil on your feet 17 times a day!” “Have you tried *fill in the blank oil tincture* for that weird rash thing you got going on?”

Thankfully Jerry wasn't as skeptical as most. He gave his wife’s potions the ole college try and began applying Frankincense oil to his lesions 2-3 times a day. He told me, “if it was good for baby Jesus, it must be good for me!.’ Within 3 weeks, the cancer was GONE! GONE, YALL! And it hasn't returned. Jerry turned me into a believer. Long live the oils!

** please seek medical care if you have any type of cancer!

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