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Overcoming PCOS, Insulin Resistance and Hypothyroidism

Megan began her health journey at age 19, with a diagnosis of PCOS. Desperate for help, she visited her GYN, and was given a Rx for oral contraceptives. She felt horrible on the pill so that didn't last too long. No relief to be found.  Fast forward a few years, Megan and her husband attempted to get pregnant—5 years, no baby and no birth control. She became depressed and had debilitating anxiety. At one point she was on 8 prescription medications. She cried out to God for relief. Soon after, she met a new physician at a Melaleuca meeting (a company that specializes in natural household and personal care products that she now works for) and started seeing her soon after. THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING. 


The physician helped her discover that in addition to the PCOS, she also had insulin resistance and hypothyroidism (specifically Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an Autoimmune disease). With the help of the doc, Megan began a detox program to jumpstart the recovery process from the stress her body had undergone previously. She began eating a nutrient-dense paleo diet, with a focus on eating 9-15 servings of veggies a day!!! Thats A LOT of veggies!! She has added in Brazil nuts and seaweed chips for an increase in selenium and naturally occurring iodine. She has switched her cleaning products and personal care products to more natural, less hormone disruptive products which she believes is a huge factor. Incredibly, she has been able to discharge from 7 of her 8 meds in a short period!

After 10 years with PCOS, she no longer has that diagnoses, nor insulin resistance!!! She has no symptoms of hypothyroidism at this time either. Megan and her husband are thrilled to be expecting their second baby girl without the help of ANY MEDICATION later this year. She continues to be under the care of her Functional Medicine Doc, Dr. Betsy Buchert, Naturopath, Robin Kirby and also a Chiropractor. 

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Jerry Ends his 18 year Battle with Type II Diabetes and Loses 50+ Lbs


Living in south Louisiana, Jerry has a passion for cooking. He cooks meals for those in need through his church…the box lunch type, with pastas, jambalaya, corn bread, all things cajun and delicious (I’m also from Louisiana, so I know the drill). But all that cajun cookin’ catches up with you after a while. Jerry found himself overweight and with type 2 diabetes. 


After diagnosis, Jerry was put on Metformin, which soon turned into insulin injections, which soon turned into over 150+ units of insulin every day. He didn't change his diet, as he thought the meds were taking care of that. This went on for 18 years, until one day Jerry noticed a blister on his toe. He treated it with a topical ointment with no success and after two weeks, his entire foot turned black. This warranted a trip to the ER. 


The doctors delivered the news that they would need to amputate two toes on his right foot and part of his foot. His incisions weren't healing, so off came the next three toes. He knew he had a long road ahead. Jerry recalls certain members of the hospital staff praying for him, which gave him glimmers of hope, and a reminder of God, his healer. He prayed for God’s help and begged God to walk this road of recovery with him so he could one day ambulate again. 


Soon after, Jerry and his wife went on a diet in an effort to lose some excess weight. The couple got a health coach, began a nutrient dense meal plan and ate low carb food options. Jerry eats 5-6 small meals a day (eats every 3 hours), no fruit (plans to add it back, in moderation, once he hits his goal weight), greens, lean meats, mushrooms, nuts and healthy fats, among items from his pre-prepared meal plan. Never did Jerry think that this would put an end to his 18 year fight with diabetes. It only took 4 months on his new meal plan and Jerry is off all diabetes medication, no longer using a wheelchair, walker or cane, and ambulating independently! He’s also down 50+ lbs. 


Jerry is a changed man. He now looks forward to his greens and lean meats daily. He credits his success to the help of his wife, medical team and his faith in Jesus. 

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