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Ann Beat Breast Cancer

Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with a local recurrence of breast cancer just two years following her lumpectomy. She refused radiation and opted for a second lumpectomy based on information she gathered that radiation would offer no survival benefits for women with small tumors and no lymph involvement. Determined to treat this herself, she chose to start the “Kelley” program, a protocol incorporating adding in metabolic enzymes, vitamins, diet changes and detoxes. She also incorporated colonics and herbs. Unfortunately, the tumors continued to grow. She opted for a mastectomy and the same day, her doctor told her radiation was needed, as the cancer was in danger of reoccurring. She refused it, ready to fight. 


Next, she sought treatment from a clinic in Mexico, where she learned and implemented Gerson Therapy, a treatment that incorporates large amounts of juice, enzymes, a vegetarian diet and detox. This lasted for 18 months. While doing this, she developed small skin recurrences. Many were surgically removed. These proved to be very slow growing, but still there. Consulting with a professional, she decided to try high dose Vitamin A (retinoic acid), a therapy used to treat some lung, head and neck cancers, with particular success in Germany, as well as an American trial that showed efficacy in tumor reduction. 


Under the care of her physician, Ann decided to begin a protocol of 300,000 I.U.’s of Vitamin A for seven days and then switch to 150,000 daily. Ann was advised to check her liver function due to the high dose of vitamin A as well as other potentially harmful side affects that could arise. In THREE weeks, she noticed a difference in the tumor. She continued taking liquid vitamin A and a Vitamin E supplement. In addition, she upped her Vitamin C and Selenium dosages. 


After 18 months, they found that her tumor had very few malignant cells, so she had the remnants surgically removed. This was such good news! However, she was developing a second tumor at the same time as the targeted one was shrinking. Back to the drawing board. 


Soon after, she learned of a clinical trial in New Jersey using Maitake mushroom extract to treat cancers. She had previously learned that Japanese studies showed the extract could reduce tumors and modulate the immune system.  She got started with this new therapy by using two “droppersful” every day. Soon, the tumor began to shrink! It shrunk in half daily. 


As time passed, Ann developed new tumors yet again. GIRL CAN’T CATCH A BREAK! She began using Chinese herbs with the help of Dr. George Wong at Strang Cancer Prevention Center. She continued this for 14 months. By the end of this therapy, she was shown to be CANCER FREE!


Ann Fonfa currently runs a nonprofit, The Annie Appleseed Project” that “provides information, education, advocacy, and awareness for people with cancer and their family and friends who are interested in complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) and natural therapies from a patient’s perspective.” You can visit her site at :



** PLEASE NOTE that if you have been diagnosed with Cancer, seek the assistance of a QUALIFIED physician ASAP.  Do not try these therapies on your own, as they need to be closely monitored. 

Cosmetic Oils

Jerry Fights off Skin Cancer with Essential Oils

Last week, we introduced you to Jerry, who lost 54 lbs and reversed Type II diabetes after 18 years. Well if that wasn't enough, Jerry also healed himself of skin cancer by using this wife’s essential oils!


Jerry developed a non aggressive form of skin cancer on his ears and hands. After a visit to the dermatologist, it was decided that he would need a minor surgery to cut out the spots or at minimum, freeze them off. Jerry was hesitant. 


Jerry’s wife was into essential oils (no, she’s not a millennial)… ya know, the ones everyone knocks for being weird, new-age snake oils (GUILTY!). Most of us know an oiler: “You’ve got a cold? There’s an oil for that!” “Oh! Insomnia? Rub this oil on your feet 17 times a day!” “Have you tried *fill in the blank oil tincture* for that weird rash thing you got going on?” 


Thankfully Jerry wasn't as skeptical as most. He gave his wife’s potions the ole college try and began applying Frankincense oil to his lesions 2-3 times a day. He told me, “if it was good for baby Jesus, it must be good for me!.’ Within 3 weeks, the cancer was GONE! GONE, YALL! And it hasn't returned. Jerry turned me into a believer. Long live the oils!


** please seek medical care if you have any type of cancer! 

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