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Daniel's Fight with Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and Food Intolerance

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Daniel began suffering from Irritable Bowl Syndrome (*IBS, a disorder of the large intestines characterized by abdominal pain, cramping, gas, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation) back in 2015. After a night’s sleep, he would wake up in pain and feel an urgency to use the bathroom. At the time, he was in High School. The pain was unpleasant but bearable; symptoms were managed by waking up earlier to go the bathroom and fighting through the discomfort as it occurred.

Inevitably, things got worse. After about 10 months, the pain and urgency was occurring ALL day. Desperate, Daniel visited multiple doctors and made a few trips to the hospital, only to be told that there is nothing that could be done about IBS. They advised him to take painkillers and figure out what triggered the attacks.

As time passed, the pain became more constant. Daniel was under the stress of taking his High School final exams. He became depressed as the pain worsened. When Daniel had had enough, his mom ordered **The York Test, a food intolerance and allergy test, in an effort to get answers. The test consists of taking a blood sample and sending it back to the company for analysis. The test results returned after only 10 days, showing an intolerance to gluten, wheat, milk, coconut and almonds. Daniel now had a list of foods to avoid and within one week of eliminating these items, he felt better than he had in quite some time! WOW! He was able to attend college without the fear of constant pain or the uncertainty of bathroom urges.

Daniel has maintained his results by sticking to this elimination diet. He sometimes suffers from ingestion, and takes Omeprazole. On the rare day he feels an IBS flare, he takes Buscopant and Paracetamols.

*IBS is believed to affect anywhere from 25-45 million Americans, and 10-15% of the population worldwide! It is not uncommon. Most suffers are under the age of 50 and about 2/3 are female.

**The York Test is a food intolerance and allergy test that is a product of Yorktest Laboratories in the United Kingdom. Some of the tests offered by this lab are available internationally.

***Daniel is a fictitious name chosen by the webowner to protect the submitter's identity.

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